Spectrum Stream Screens

Spectrum Stream Screens

Off the charts. An elite bundle pack of stream screens, for streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook gaming. Colorful circles and bold shapes mix for an abstract, playful look. Available in nine bright colors: blue, green, light blue, orange, pink, purple, raspberry, red, and yellow.

Includes six popular screen types, including: BRB, Stream Starting, Offline Screen, Transition, and more. Designed for artsy-types and the creative, community-focused broadcaster. Recommended genres include Adventure RPG, MOBA, Creative / IRL, and more. 

NOTE: NINE color schemes available. Please select from the dropdown menu below.

Compatible With:

      • Streamlabs
      • SLOBs
      • OBS Studio
      • Lightstream
      • ..and more!

Each component is neatly organized. We have also included a readme guide on how to easily set up the 'Spectrum' Stream Screen Package.

Package Contains:

  • 6 Screens
    • BRB
    • Ending
    • Intermission (1)
    • Intermission (2)
    • Offline
    • Starting
  • PSD File
  • VBI Design Panel
  • Readme/Instructions