Pride Logo

Pride Logo

On the hunt. Introducing 'Pride'. A new mascot logo mixing predator themes and courageous, heroic vibes. Designed for sturdy tanks and battlefield taunters. Logo includes all four color options.

Ideal for Action-Adventure, MMORPG, or FPS streamers. The ultimate brand foundation for streamers on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.

'Pride' is a proprietary logo you can use to brand your social media, stream, or gaming channel. Use it on stream overlays, merch, social banners, gaming videos, etc - the possibilities are endless.

This logo is a one time only sale. Once it is purchased - it will be removed from our store ensuring the buyer is the sole owner of the unique design. You will receive all of the necessary files needed to use this design after completing your purchase.

Upon purchasing this logo, you own the rights to the design. We retain partial rights to showcase the logo in our portfolio for display purposes only.

Compatible With:

      • Stream Overlays
      • Social Media Graphics
      • Merch
      • And More!

Package Contains:

  • Logo Files