Rainbow Stream Deck Icons

Rainbow Stream Deck Icons

This one's for you, sunshine. Introducing 'Rainbow', a FREE icon package for the Elgato Stream Deck. Warm pastel colors and pixel textures combine for a retro gaming, anime-inspired look. Includes 200 unique icons and 8 background colors.

Customize your Stream Deck appearance from one of 1,600 button variations. Includes 5 free animated icons. Supports the Elgato Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck Mini, and Stream Deck Mobile.

The ultimate design resource for Twitch streamers and content creators. And it's free! Just download, set up, and stream.

Package includes a readme guide so that you can quickly and easily setup your new Stream Deck icons.

Compatible With:

  • Stream Deck
  • Stream Deck XL
  • Stream Deck Mini
  • Stream Deck Mobile

Package Contains:

  • 200 unique Icons
    • 1600 Variations
    • 5 Animated Icons