Animated Fortnite Stream Package

Animated Fortnite Stream Package

Our best-selling free package! A colorful, Fortnite-inspired stream design, featuring animated webcam and stream overlays. Includes all the essential stream overlays and channel graphics for streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming. Playful, cartoony design style featuring colors inspired by in-game Fortnite loot raritiesOh, and did we mention it's FREE

Each section is modular, so you're free to arrange them in any way you'd like. The stream elements can be used as an overlay or alert popup - it's up to you! 

A creative, high-energy look, designed for battle royale champs and the competitive esports broadcaster. Recommended genres include Battle Royale, MOBA, Creative / IRL, and more. 

Compatible With:

      • Streamlabs
      • SLOBs
      • OBS Studio
      • Lightstream
      • ..and more!

Package Contains:

  • Grey, green, blue, purple and orange variations
  • Animated webcam overlay
  • New cheer overlay
  • New donation overlay
  • New follower overlay
  • New subscriber overlay
  • New tip overlay
  • Subscriber goal overlay