Festive Friends Alert Package

Festive Friends Alert Package

Streamlabs OBS StreamElements Certified

These alerts pass the highest marks of Streamlabs and StreamElements compatibility. Featuring 'one-click' setup, big poggers.

Make it a holiday adventure. Introducing 'Festive Friends', new alerts for your stream on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Inspired by classic Christmas TV specials; featuring elves, reindeer, gingerbread and more. A welcoming, cheery look that will warm chat's heart.

Featuring TONS of customization options, so you can make your alerts one of a kind. Choose your own title and subtitle text to display personalized messages. Then change text and candy cane colors to match your brand hues. Each alert can be customized to show a unique character and base animation. 

Setup is easy thanks to 'one-click' support for Streamlabs and StreamElements. All settings can be adjusted from built-in custom fields. Each alert includes sound effects (SFX); classic pixel gaming sounds convey a cheery atmosphere. Comes with a handy Readme setup guide (for stress-free installation).

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

Package Contains:

  • Stream Alerts
    • Facebook Alerts
    • YouTube Alerts
    • Twitch Alerts
  • One-Click Setups
    • StreamElements Alerts (Twitch, Facebook, YouTube)
    • Streamlabs Alerts (Twitch, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Custom Alert Sound Effects (SFX)
  • Package instructions/readme file
  • There are no creative assets included within this package, everything has been created with code!! All you need is within the One-Click Setups.