Falcon Stream Package

Falcon Stream Package

Streamlabs OBS StreamElements Certified

This Package passes the highest marks of Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements compatibility. Featuring 1-Click Alerts Setup, big Poggers.

Apex predator. Presenting 'Falcon'. An electric new design for streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming. Animated stream overlays, created for aerial assassins and stealth hunters. A sharp, sleek look featuring dark backdrops and neon highlights.

Easy color customization - just adjust hue from your favorite OBS software. Includes stream alerts, overlays, 6 x stream screens, animated transition, profile art, and Twitch panels. Plus custom sound effects! Featuring one-click setups for Streamlabs and StreamElements. Feelsgoodman. 

NOTE: There is a non-animated version ($15) and an animated version ($30) of this package. Please be sure to select the correct one from the dropdown menu.

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs 
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

    Each component is easily editable and neatly organized. We have also included a readme guide on how to easily set up the Falcon stream package.

    Package Contains:

    • Alerts
        • Facebook Alerts
        • Mixer Alerts
        • Twitch Alerts
        • Youtube Alerts
        • Overlays
          • 16x9 Webcam
          • 4x3 Webcam
          • Screens
            • Starting Soon
            • Be Right Back
            • Grabbing Food
            • Intermission 16x9 & 4x3
            • Stream Ending
            • Stream Offline
            • Profile Art
              • Circle Profile Photo
              • Square Profile Photo
              • Headers (Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube)
            • One-Click Setups
              • StreamElements Alerts (Animated Only)
              • Streamlabs Alerts (Animated Only)
            • 79 Panels
            • Animated Stream Transition
            • Design files (PSDs)
            • Soundtrack (Animated Only)
            • Package instructions/readme file

            NOTE: This package supports English-language only. After Effects files not included.