Edge Stream Package

Edge Stream Package

Streamlabs OBS StreamElements Certified

This Package passes the highest marks of Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements compatibility. Featuring 1-Click Alerts Setup, big Poggers.

Heart of a warrior. Introducing 'Edge'. A futuristic, far-eastern design for streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Animated stream overlays, inspired by Japanese manga and samurai minimalism. Clean, monochromatic art styles blend with cyber AI themes.

Choose from four bright color schemes. Includes stream alerts, overlays, 5 x stream screens, animated transition, profile art, and Twitch panels. Plus custom sound effects! Featuring one-click setups for Streamlabs and StreamElements. Feelsgoodman. Comes in animated ($30) and non-animated ($15) variations)

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs 
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

Package Contains:

  • Alerts
      • Facebook Alerts
      • Mixer Alerts
      • Twitch Alerts
      • Youtube Alerts
      • Overlays
        • 16x9 Webcam
        • 4x3 Webcam
          • Greenscreen Bar
          • Event Panel
          • Screens
            • Starting Soon
            • Be Right Back
            • Intermission w/ Two Webcam Variations
            • Stream Ending
            • Stream Offline
            • Profile Art
              • Circle Profile Photo
              • Square Profile Photo
              • Headers (Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube)
            • One-Click Setups
              • StreamElements Alerts (Animated Only)
              • Streamlabs Alerts (Animated Only)
            • 79 Panels
            • Animated Stream Transition
            • Design files (PSDs Only)
            • Soundtrack (Animated Only)
            • Package instructions/readme file