Astral Arcane Animated Stream Package

Astral Arcane Animated Stream Package

Call the Illuminati. The 'Astral Arcane' Stream Package for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming streamers. Animated overlays featuring ancient cryptographs and a celestial blue color scheme. The ideal design choice for puzzle-solvers, tomb-raiders, and interstellar prophets.

The complete stream graphics package, designed for star-gazers and the mystery-loving, clever strategist broadcaster. Animation includes alerts, webcam frame, transition, stream overlays, and screens. 

Recommended genres include Adventure RPG, MOBA, IRL / Creative, and more. All the essential overlay and profile art for your channel on Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube.

Compatible With:

      • Streamlabs
      • SLOBs
      • OBS Studio
      • Lightstream
      • ..and more!

Each component is easily editable and neatly organized. We have also included a readme guide on how to easily set up the Astral Arcane stream package.

Package Contains:

  • New Follower Alert
  • New Donation Alert
  • New Host Alert
  • Animated Webcam Slot
  • Animated Stream Overlay
    • Three Animated Screens
    • Four Screens
    • Package instructions/readme file