Custom Graphics


You aren't a designer, but you know what you want. Custom graphics are perfect for creating a recognizable brand for your channel. Let us do all the hard work.  

Take comfort in knowing you have a designer at your service from the project start, middle and end. We also provide support setting up your channel graphics afterwards.  


1) Choose your design(s).

2) Get in touch with us via the form below. We'll discuss your ideas, color schemes and set up a secure channel to communicate with your designer.

3) We will forward over payment details. We require 50% of the design cost prior to starting your project.

4) Discuss a targeted completion date.

5) Our designers will provide screenshot updates of progress, consulting you along the way. Say goodbye to design surprises. It is your custom design after all - we don't settle for anything less than love at first sight.

6) Thumbs up! If you are thrilled with your design, we will collect the final payment.

7) We deliver your graphics in a easy to navigate package with any documentation needed.

8) Follow up support - this includes check ins, test streams with a designer or any other adjustments needed. Now get out there and make the epic happen.




Need to make a minor change? Forgot that one pesky detail? Don't sweat it. We store your files in our secured cloud. Revisions are as easy as 1...2...Done.



We stand by all of our work. However, if a cancellation is made before a first draft delivery, the customer is eligible for a full refund. In the event of cancelling a project, all ownership and copyrights and the original artwork are retained by VBI. 

If the cancellation is made after accepting & receiving the final product, the client is ineligible for a refund. By accepting the final draft, you have indicated that you are satisfied with the design & service received. If you have any questions about making edits after accepting your project, please refer to our revision policy.



All prices shown are minimum estimates. Prices vary due to the complexity of the custom project and resources incurred. All pricing will be agreed on during the consultation portion of our design process. 

Prices shown in our table vary and are subject to change without notice. The following factors should be taken into consideration: current workload, expenses, resources such as stock photography or material required.



After final payment and accepting the final graphics package, you own the rights to your brand. Feel the powaah! This means you are free to print or modify to your heart's desire. We will never reuse your design to other customers.

In the event of cancelling a project, all ownership and copyrights and the original artwork are retained by VBI. 



By submitting your custom graphic request, you agree to these terms and conditions.