Paranormal Stream Package

Paranormal Stream Package

Streamlabs OBS StreamElements Certified

This package passes the highest marks of Streamlabs and StreamElements compatibility.

Get spooky. Introducing "Paranormal", a FREE new theme for your stream graphics. Overlays inspired by Phasmophobia and horror gaming. A haunted look designed for ghost hunters and late-night streamers. Contains everything you need to broadcast on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

All screens are layered to give you complete creative control; nearly every element can be repositioned. Just click, drag and snap overlays into place! Comes with a five-minute countdown timer — for building custom starting screens. Includes two webcam variations; choose from a haunted television or classic camcorder.

Package includes all the essential visuals: alerts, overlays, webcams, screens and Twitch panels. Featuring Streamlabs .overlay file for lighting-fast scene collection setup.  Includes 'One-Click' setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements to easily install and personalize your alerts. Includes handy setup guide and Photoshop .PSD files for easy customizations.

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs 
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

Package Contains:

  • Alerts
    • Facebook Alerts
    • Twitch Alerts
    • Youtube Alerts
  • Overlays
    • 16x9 Phasmo Webcam
    • 4x3 TV Static Webcam
    • 5 Minute Timer
    • Flashlight
    • Ghost Woman
    • Creepy Floating Words
    • Stats Footer
  • Screens
    • Starting Soon
    • Be Right Back
    • Intermission
    • Stream Ending
    • Easily Customizable Screen Text
  • One-Click Setups
    • StreamElements Alerts
    • Streamlabs Alerts
    • Streamlabs .Overlay File
  • 79 Panels
  • Design files (PSDs Only)
  • Package instructions/readme file