The battle for the Dota 2 Kiev Major tournament title and its $3,000,000 prize pool has begun.

Dota 2 is famous for offering the largest prize pools in the world of eSports. Its professional tournaments are truly spectacular demonstrations of skill and determination. And this week, the best 16 Dota 2 teams in the world are battling each other in The Kiev Major. The competition is a Valve sponsored event and has a $3.000.000 prize pool, with the winner taking home 1.000.000 USD.

Half of the participating teams received a direct invite to the event, while the other half had to go through Regional Qualifiers. As with former Valve sponsored tournaments, anyone who wanted to participate in these qualifiers was able to form a team and compete in two different series of Open Qualifiers, with several teams in each region (Europe, China, North America, South America, CIS and South-East Asia) winning a ticket for the Regional Qualifiers. Thousands took advantage of this system and fought hard for an opportunity to face some of the best rosters in their region, and, who knows, maybe even qualify for the main event.

The winners of the Regional Qualifiers, together with the teams that received a direct invite, are putting on a great show this week in Kiev. Whether you are a Dota 2 fan already and want to enjoy the tournament and maybe learn something new, or a complete outsider who might want to find out a little bit about this eSport, you can certainly do so on Twitch at

The main event takes place between April 27th and April 30th, with the Grand Finals being played on Sunday, April 30th. The 16 participants are fighting not only for the prize money, but also for a chance to get a direct invite at The International 7 (basically a Dota 2 World Championship).

Keep in mind that the tournament is organized in Kiev, Ukraine (Eastern Europe), so the matches are starting each day at around 9-10 AM EEST.