Software programs like Google Chrome or Skype, which we usually keep open while playing computer games, consume some of our PC’s resources. This can interfere in a negative way with our gaming experience. Microsoft’s developers promised a few months ago to come up with a solution to this problem in the Spring of 2017, by introducing a Game Mode for Windows 10.

This Game Mode is designed to prevent system tasks from taking away resources that should be allocated to games, thus improving framerates and general performance. The technology used for it is similar to the one that’s already available on Xbox One, which offers games a higher priority in regard to accessing system resources.

Using Game Mode can be done by simply changing a setting value to “On”, so it doesn’t require any kind of complex training or tutorial to set up. All you have to do to activate it in a particular game application is pull up the Game bar (hold the Windows key and press G to achieve this), and then go to “Game Mode” and set “Use Game Mode” to “On”. Game Mode will now be used for that particular game.

Game Mode is available to all Windows 10 users who opt for the “Creators Update”. Keep in mind that according to Microsoft, this update marks only the beginning of performance improvements when it comes to PC gaming. So if you encounter any problems or think that the improvements achieved by this new feature are not good enough, don’t worry. From now on things will only get better.